Interview Xavier de la Chapelle


Xavier de la Chapelle, Helis founder and CEO

I would regard Helis, not as a consulting firm per se, but as a firm of advisors, first and foremost. All are senior level practicing experts who are recruited on an ad hoc basis to deliver value-focused, actionable, and lasting solutions to our clients.

We find our clients invariably surprised by the unconventional quality of individual profiles we bring together, each time we constitute a Helis team.

Every member on the team has a unique personal and professional track, enriched with cross-border experience, which provides them with perspective and a practical ability to analyze subjects differently. 

This ingenuity, this way of asking the questions – and to resolve them – is at the foundation of the value we create every day for our clients, who give us their exceptional loyalty in return. 

Helis was conceived as the answer to standardized firms whose models are more process than people-oriented. We have been building and nurturing this difference daily for over ten years. And this difference, at Helis, is my greatest source of pride today.