Cloud computing offer

Cloud computing is important for the positioning of companies on the market as well as helping them to be more responsive to competition as your aim is to offer the right product, at the right time, at the right price. The modernisation and optimisation of your infrastructures, and, more generally, of your information system, not forgetting the security of your customers’ and your own data, should be determining factors when defining your Cloud computing strategy.

Our consultants are available to advise you and support you in your transformation. They will work hand in hand with you to support and develop this strategy.

Proficient in information system strategy as well as the development of uses, our consultants have a wide range of complementary skills to best meet your needs. With a team of technical experts, Helis also helps you integrate your solutions with the ability to operate them, monitor them and secure your Cloud infrastructures, while ensuring compliance with data protection requirements.


Cloud computing is more than just a remote and secure infrastructure, it is a strategic tool in terms of positioning and development. In addition to being seen as a digital strategy lever, a means of transformation and an important ally for remaining competitive on the market, it can also be an important technological development strategy for infrastructure optimisation.

Digital transformation lever/

  • Faster time-to-marketwith infrastructures provisioned in real-time (IaaS) and on-demand development platforms (PaaS)
  • Transition of the application development cycle to agile methods or DevOps

Optimisation of the management infrastructure/

  • Adaptation of infrastructure capacities in real-time thanks to the auto scaling function
  • Cost optimisation through a financial model based on actual consumption (PxQ or pay as you go)
  • Automation of infrastructure operations (provisioning, patch management, etc.)

Data security/

  • Enhanced security level thanks to access infrastructures that are compliant with the latest industry standards and data encryption
  • Management of DR by design through data replication

Our areas of intervention in Cloud computing

  • Definition of the Cloud computing strategy (Public, Private or Hybrid)
  • Migration of applications to Public (AWS, Azure, etc.) or Private Cloud
  • Implementation of a Cloud/Legacy hybrid infrastructure operational model
  • Adaptation of the financial structure taking account of the billing model of Cloud computing offers

Our consultants

  • Our team is expanding! With the ambition of integrating new Digital Native talents and experienced consultants, our employees will be at your disposal to support your Cloud computing strategy.Some of our key experts are introduced below. Contact our sales team to describe exactly what you need. We will then offer you the right person.

Product Manager/

  • Develops the product strategy according to market trends and customer requirements
  • Captures the needs of end users to identify possible developments
  • Ensures the progress of their product’s life cycle
  • Develops an offer acceptance policy
  • Promotes offer developments and communicates on uses
  • Markets the offer via the creation / updating / dissemination of communication supports
  • Monitors indicators on the service delivered

Product Developer/

  • Conducts market intelligence to contribute to the strategy and come up with new ideas
  • Conducts opportunity studies: value, need, challenges, risks, etc.
  • Organises and manages tenders
  • Contributes to the business vase and participates in/constructs the financial model
  • Organises and supervises the product development project
  • Defines the scope, functionalities, service level, etc.
  • Draws up the development roadmap and helps define the operational model
  • Monitors implementation (technical, contractual, financial) and integration tests
  • Communicates on the products developed

Service Manager/

  • Manages supplier relations through governance
  • Serves as the interface with internal teams to the explain the service and commitment levels
  • Develops an offer acceptance policy
  • Promotes offer developments and communicates on uses
  • Markets the offer via the creation / updating / dissemination of communication supports
  • Is the point of contact and ensures the application of contractual conditions
  • Contributes to contract negotiations where necessary
  • Monitors indicators on the service delivered

Financial Analyst/

  • Participates in the financial analysis of the existing system
  • Contributes to creating a business case for the adoption of a Cloud computing strategy
  • Assists in the fulfilment of the budgeting and financial forecasting phases
  • Creates an internal costing/pricing model for Cloud computing offers
  • Is responsible for the ROI of Cloud implementation
  • Provides monitoring reports tailored to specific needs: P&L, KPIs, etc.
  • Monitors the productivity gained through the gradual deployment of Cloud computing services

In addition to our Cloud computing offer, we also have consultants with the following knowledge and skills:

– Cloud Architecture

– DevOps Expert

– Docker Expert

– Cybersecurity specialist

– DBA (Database Administrator)

– System engineers

To ensure the success of your projects, our consultants are proficient in Agile, SCRUM and ITL methodologies.

Our added value/

  • Complementary profiles in terms of experience with experienced professionals and young talents.
  • Cultural diversity enabling adaptation to specific international contexts
  • Continuous training policy and certifications

Use case:/

  • A department dedicated to Cloud deployment came into being two years ago within the Group IT Department of a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of innovative industrial materials. It ensures continuity with initiatives launched several years ago.Its objective? To enable the Group’s entities to benefit from standardised offers adapted to their context.Basing their strategy on a product-oriented online services organisation, two of our consultants are now working as Product Managers there. One is developing and working on the Big Data offer and the other is working on a private Cloud computing offer and providing legacy infrastructure management. 

    Their main objectives are:

    • To initiate and support the implementation of the offer strategy for their service line
    • To develop uses by creating a cohesion and momentum around the offer
    • To set up and maintain a catalogue of online services and in digital format

    Now the organisation has confidence in this department to innovation within the Group’s infrastructures.