The Helis Group has a working knowledge of the Telecoms and media sector

Our teams handle numerous projects from design and engineering right through to integration, rollout and support.

Working for the last 15 years on Telecoms, network and information systems projects has allowed Helis to acquire an expertise and know-how that it offers to its customers, large corporations and key accounts, to support them throughout their digital transformation project. As infrastructure has become a key performance factor for an organisation, our experts support IT and business departments in the rollout of a productive and well-managed IT system infrastructure.

How do you coordinate, secure and reduce your organisation’s costs for network and telecom resources and services while meeting business challenges? Armed with extensive knowledge of Telecoms operators, and continuously monitoring technological developments, our consultants will provide you with the very best technical support, give you a clear understanding of the market and best practices, and assist you in risk management, digital transformation and strategic decision-making.

Our independence from operators, system integrators and manufacturers means we are able to advise our customers on their technological options and decisions with complete impartiality and transparency.

The Telecoms sector is undergoing profound change

The Telecommunications sector is constantly evolving stimulated by the development of new technologies such as 5G and fibre optic, as well as fast-moving changes in use.

Faced with the proliferation of technologies and budgetary constraints, companies and organisations have to opt for the most profitable choice within a very short time frame.

Helis is currently collaborating with various market players: operators, equipment manufacturers and system integrators/manufacturers.  Our consultants work on network infrastructures, devices and services. This “field” experience allows them to keep abreast of innovative solutions on the Telecoms market and support your projects in a pragmatic and effective way.

Helis covers a broad spectrum

Helis covers a broad spectrum of expertise in telecommunications

We are able to intervene on a wide range of assignments from strategy to the rollout of projects including:


  • Project management and project steering
  • Fulfil design, build and RUN projects
  • Project Management: Audit, drawing up contracts, choice of supplier, implementation monitoring
  • Assistance with telecoms contract negotiations for requests for proposals or by mutual agreement
  • Maintenance in Operational Condition (MOC) and providing support
  • Incident monitoring and handling
  • Implementation of ITIL processes
  • Blueprint
  • Incident investigation and resolution
  • Heading steering committees/groups
  • Infrastructure redesign/restructuring/extension operations
  • Design and development of Architectures
  • Installation/Configuration of equipment/platforms
  • Prospective studies: mobility, Cloud computing, Connected objects (IOT)

Hosting and data management


Our added value:/

  • Excellent knowledge of the Telecoms sector
  • Mastery of innovative solutions
  • Tailor-made service with recruitment for specific projects
  • Extensive expertise in the Telecommunications sector

A team of multi-disciplinary consultants


Our consultants are experts in Telecommunications technologies and services:/

  • 2G/3G/4G /5G
  • Roaming
  • Language: Java ,C ,PHP ,UML ,SQL ,HTML
  • Architecture: TCP/IP; LAN/MAN/WAN
  • System: Linuw /solaris/windows /server /Cluster /Network /OSI
  • Protocol: INAP , Camel , Diameter , SS7
  • Monitoring & support: Tekelec ,Proscan , wireshark, MOC
  • Network equipment: HLR/HSS; SGSN/GGSN; IN; IMS; IP
  • Data: Hosting, data, storage, backup
  • Also proficient in Synthesis, organisation, reporting, Maintenance (MOC)