Project steering and coordination

Project steering within Helis

A project is defined by three criteria: its cost, its quality and its time frame. Regardless of the method used to complete the project and the environment in which it is applied, Helis offers adaptable and cross-functional people to ensure the success of your projects.

Specialists in the management of IT and business projects, our consultants will assist you with:

– Defining, structuring, organising and securing your projects

– Having a clear view of your project portfolio

– Ensuring the commitment and support of your teams for the projects

Experienced in project mode, our consultants implement project methodologies that enable agility and optimal organisation to ensure progress of the projects.

Our consultants reduce uncertainties concerning the successful outcome of our customers’ projects by supplementing internal teams with key project management functions: Project director, project manager, PMO, Delivery manager etc.

They provide support and guidance throughout the whole life cycle of the project: From defining a scope to its operational implementation and smooth running, the full range of skills (supported by the relevant qualifications) is provided in a targeted manner specific to the customer’s needs.

For a so-called “conventional” project:/

  • Project or Programme Director
  • Project manager
  • PMO
  • Service manager
  • Service delivery manager

For project steering in an “Agile” or environment or using an “Agile” methodology:/

    • Scrum Master
    • Product Owner 




Our added value: /

Reactive and flexible thanks to our human-sized company.

Adaptable with exceptional multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral experts

Experienced providing consultants who have obtained recognised qualifications.

Relevant ensuring that nothing is left to chance to successfully carry out the projects.

Project steering, a key challenge for companies

Whether twenty years ago with the arrival of IT, or more recently with major digital transformations, project steering and coordination are key activities when a company wishes to grow.

Project steering and coordination remain central to Helis’s business activities. As a company specialised in Project Management, we have supported our customers in the management of their IT projects for the past 15 years, and we have a broad and diverse portfolio which gives us a clear and accurate vision of future projects with high added value. From identifying need to the pragmatic implementation of projects, we intervene during all critical change phases.

We support you throughout all the stages of a project:

  • Defining a scope and leading a project: Defining the masterplan, organising committees, risk identification and management, RACI, budget, defining project methods (AGILE, ITIL, Prince 2, PMP), determining the deliverables, etc.
  • Project steering and coordination: drawing up functional specifications, monitoring project progress dashboards, defining timelines, meeting deadlines
  • Training and support:
  • Change management

Assignment: PMO Infrastructure/E-Commerce for a global leader in the distribution of electrical equipment on one six-month assignment.


Mutualisation of E-commerce platforms spread throughout the company’s subsidiary countries via a common CRM solution with the aim of standardising processes and reducing costs related to maintenance and management.


Implementation of the project monitoring process

Planning and budget management and associated costs

Identification and monitoring of risks

Coordination of businesses with the service provider responsible for the platform.

Project management

Results obtained /

The creation of 15 E-Commerce platforms in 9 different countries on one single centralised CRM solution enabling the company in question to become a global reference for this solution. A considerable cost reduction in E-Commerce management and an exponential increase in digital sales.

Relevant solutions combined with concrete and measurable results have allowed us to foster strong relationships with our customers. Thanks to the extensive network knowledge of its experts, Helis is able to mobilise talents who make a difference bringing their technical proficiency, professional maturity and motivation to every assignment.

We position ourselves as their trusted partner on their most strategic projects.