Translien: Improving commuting experience within Greater Paris

Marc-Olivier Méhu // Manager

« We make a difference every day through our mastery of video and network technologies and our permanent interaction with the different entities if the Transilien rail system. »

Video network systems, whose flows are analyzed in real time, provide a critical ability to carry out logistics and respond to any disruptions or events causing unexpected changes in passenger traffic.

Helis has been assisting the Transilien with a project to develop an integrated CCTV system within the Ile-de-France rail, bus and Metro services, which will enable their respective operators to coordinate passenger flows optimally. The first phase of deployment in 2014 will be followed by the connection over 400 stations and other communication points in a region-wide network.

In the same vein, the Helis team led by Marc-Olivier Méhu are also supporting SNCF and its operating partners within Paris in developing the technical and network solutions needed to unify all user interfaces for fare selection and payment, and to provide an ever-more streamlined and intuitive experience for commuters.