What we believe in

Developing skills, motivation, and well-being at work

As a consulting firm reliant on human expertise, Helis is wholly dedicated to building the skills and motivation of its collaborating staff, together with their well-being at work. This commitment is reflected in our employment and compensation policies, whereby 100% of our recruiting is based on permanent contracts, and all personnel are incentivized through compensation and performance bonus plans.

Equal opportunity and diversity

Helis is an equal opportunity employer committed to hiring a diverse workforce at all levels. All recruiting, promotion, transfer, and training decisions are strictly based on professional criteria. Our staff, who come from widely diverse backgrounds, are a demonstration of this policy. In order to help fight discrimination, Helis also offers anonymous resumes to its clients for the recruitment and assignment of expert consultants.

Sustainable management

We are engaged in a sustainable management system, and within the year we plan to implement a program to develop environmental awareness among our employees and to evaluate the impact of the firm’s activities with respect to global warming. Our work in technology and information systems has led us to focus on Green IT, with a view to bring client partners to give due attention to the environmental impact of their solutions.