Deploying a legal management tool for an electrical supplies distributor worldwide

Elise Dronne // Sustainability management consultant

« Good corporate governance, transparency, together with social and environmental responsibility, are of core interest to investors and stakeholders at large. Through the use of strategic and operational management tools, we help our clients realize their undertakings and requirements in these areas. »

Helis was chosen by a major international distributor of electrical supplies to assist it in deploying a one-stop performance management tool globally for its corporate governance and legal affairs. 

The wide reach of this project will enable 400 users in the legal departments of 36 countries to leverage their services in a dematerialized, standardized, and readily operative way, while reducing legal management risks and costs.

Acceptance management, functional integration, user training, technical support, and application management: Helis consultant Elise Dronne is driving the client project team in all these areas, bringing her advanced expertise, as well as her proven experience in the roll out of projects within decentralized environments.