Creating a strategic offer at Saint-Gobain

François Delorme // Manager

« Everything starts with a thorough understanding of users’ needs, which we then leverage to provide them with the most relevant and productive long-term solutions. »

Saint-Gobain chose Helis in 2013 to help realize its enterprise project aimed at delivering immediately responsive, effective, and value-building IT support services across the group. 

By setting up a dedicated team to develop Saint-Gobain’s IT catalog and prepare the services of tomorrow, the IT Division has been gradually reinforcing its ability to anticipate change and introduce innovative offers to meet the needs coming from all entities within the group.

This new Solutions department at Saint-Gobain is being advised and coordinated by Helis and its consultant François Delourme, who have been collaborating daily to monitor technology and market trends, identify new opportunities, and frame new technological and organizational solutions

By creating and bringing the first IT services catalog on stream group-wide, this work has laid the foundations of a new strategic service offer at Saint-Gobain that has since advanced and grown through controlled processes. Its scope has extended today into Cloud Computing, Big Data, technology standards, and electronic archiving.