Industry 4.0 : Our consulting company’s know-how in the manufacturing industries sector

Helis consulting company helps manufacturing industries companies transition to the industry of the future

The fourth industrial revolution is under way and industry players are foremost among these transformations.

Technological progress has transformed the manufacturing industries to the extent that any company not subscribing to this approach is risking its place on the market.

With our contribution over the past fifteen years to the organisational and digital transformation of major manufacturing companies, our experts have extensive knowledge of the industrial landscape and challenges it brings.

Our objective: To increase your competitiveness by drawing on your internal strengths, in particular your ability to transform your organisations using agile methods and technological innovations.

Our area of expertise extends to both IT and business departments for key assignments such as:

  • Analysis of business requirements and defining a strategy with IT Departments
  • Drawing up functional specifications for business requirements
  • Coordinating and steering business projects
  • Analysing our customers’ “business” needs and issues.
  • Test monitoring and software testing
  • Change management: becoming accustomed to new methods and tools
  • Benchmark and Recommendation of solutions and choice of tools

Our experts have worked on projects for organisations in the automotive, distribution, nuclear, pharmaceutical and food processing industries.


Helis consultants are able to intervene across the entire value chain of IT projects: consulting, project management, process optimisation, change management and on technical as well as functional issues.

Helis groupe dévelopement numérique cabinet de conseil paris

Helping manufacturing companies realise the potential of industry 4.0, a Helis added value

Legal, environmental, political and economic requirements have led to profound changes in the world of manufacturing industry affecting all aspects of business:

–  New modes of production that are more respectful of man and the environment

– Increase in the use of new technologies: connectivity, IOT, ultra-connected factories, robotics, advanced materials, on-board systems, technological surveillance and the advent factory of the future

– Digital transformation of IT and business departments

Expert employees to improve industrial performance

With a wide range of professional and academic backgrounds, all of the Helis consultants selected to work with our manufacturing industry customers have experience in complex and international industrial environments.

Our specialists will assist you in implementing your strategy by giving you an external perspective to ensure the success of your transformation projects.

Helis consultants are also able to work with people at all levels within an organisation in a constant quest for efficiency.

Business Case, for a major player in French manufacturing industry/

The proliferation of data, in particular through digitalisation at all levels (connected objects, advanced materials, industrial sensors, etc.) to enhance the customer’s knowledge and improve processes requires scheduling in order to reap the full benefits of it. Our consultants worked on an assignment dedicated to the implementation of a Big Data strategy for a major Group.

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Definition of the Big Data strategy

Implementation of the Big Data strategy

Supporting companies in their Big Data projects

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Is the collection of your data optimized?
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