Our expertise in E-commerce

The E-commerce market has been evolving over the last few years, especially in terms of cross-channel trade and changing modes of consumption. According to a report published by the Federation of E‑commerce and distance selling (Fevad), online sales represent 8.5 % of retail trade and are expected to represent more than double that of store sales by 2020.  With 1.2 billion online transactions carried out in 2017 in France, it is becoming essential for companies to adopt an omnichannel approach and design an optimum and efficient E-commerce strategy to increase revenues.

Helis helps its customers manage their E-commerce site projects. Our consultants intervene on Project Management assignments and serve as the interface between technical and functional teams.

What are the challenges of E-commerce market ?

Customer experience in E-commerce/

To provide an optimal experience. As multi-channel selling is now crucial for the survival of companies, it is essential that they provide an optimal customer experience: Path to purchase, conversion tunnel, consumption patterns, interface, hot and cold zones, etc.

By increasing the conversion rate, our product owner experts help business departments generate higher revenues. Thanks to advanced path to purchase analysis tools and knowledge of the UX interface, they help improve the company’s brand image and ensure the commitment and retention of the customer.

A suitable platform/

In a highly competitive environment, any company wanting to launch in E-commerce needs to select the very best solution/platform in order to generate sales. An inadequate platform results in a bad user experience which leads to a loss of customers and can even be detrimental to brand image. Our specialist consultants are the interface between business and IT departments. Their mission is to ensure the flexibility, scalability, responsiveness, customisation and security of online sites in order to create a functional and attractive online platform

Our know-how in electronic commerce can be broken down into five main areas of expertise:

Strategic consulting in E-commerce

Audit and analysis

Market study and opportunity studies

E-commerce strategy recommendation

Digital transformation

Project Management in E-commerce

  • Project management with all stakeholders: business departments, developer team, IT Architect, Product Manager, Service Manager End-to-end monitoring of the project life cycleProcess optimisation: Choice of methodology, distribution channels and most appropriate toolsDrawing up Specifications

    Coordination of consultations and negotiations

    Improvement in the efficiency of the e-commerce website (via redesign if necessary).

    Optimisation of the efficiency of acquisition channels

product Owner in E-commerce sites and projects

Monitoring the complete life cycle of web development projects from design to launch.

Identification of customers’ needs:  Creation of user stories, acceptance test and visual mock-up

Validation of the functionalities developed

Coordination of tests and corrections

Monitoring industry trends and competition in order to identify necessary updates/upgrades and new opportunities

Supplier partner management

Test Automation

  • Definition of the product life cycle from design to launchCreation of road mapsImplementation of an optimal and effective test strategy: preparation of scenarios, test scripts, supervising and monitoring quality control tests.

    Launch and creation of control points, risk identification

    IT and business team interface

    Prioritisation of user stories

    Change management

    Assimilation of E-commerce

    Stakeholder commitment

Training of E-commerce platform users

Business Case /

Installation of a secure payment system on the E-commerce sites of international group specialised in the distribution of B2B electrical equipment.


Reduce the abandonment rate during the purchasing process and acquire new customers. Improve the checkout procedure by authorising instant credit for new customers

Secure financial transactions by having a short registration process (5 minutes)

Integrate online credit card payment for B2B customers via different payment methods (purchase card, iDeal (a direct online transfer payment system used in the Netherlands), SEPA direct debit, Visa card/online bank card)


  • Traffic acquisition: 500% increase in transactions per month in 8 months
  • Implementation of a fraud matrix to detect fraudulent transactions in accordance with PCI DSS standards
  • Setting up online credit card payment in all subsidiaries, including local methods of payment such as purchase cards (France, UK), iDeal (Netherlands) SEPA Direct Debit (France)
  • Reduction in the time to obtain online credit to 3 minutes: 37% of 300 new customers in 4 months in the pilot country
  • Increase of 1 million euros in revenue recorded over 8 months in two pilot countries.